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Welcome to the website of The Leinster Regiment Association that commemorates the Prince of Wales’s Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians) a former infantry regiment of the British Army.

We are an active Association with an exciting program of commemorative events held in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and France.

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The period 1914 to 1918, synonymous with WW1, often referred to a The Great War, was a period in world history that dramatically impacted the very being of The Leinster Regiment as it did with any existing or former regiment of the British Army.  

Alongside other Regimental Asociations our own Leinster Regiment Association has embarked upon commemorative initiatives that focus upon the battalions of the Regiment and

 will be supporting the initiatives of other organisations as they become known.

These commemorative events are a combination of trips to places in Belgium and France that have particular relevance to The Leinster Regiment and the families of those men who saw action in those places.

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